Orchestral Works

Infinite Sky With Birds (2006). Orchestra. Commissioned by The National Arts Centre Orchestra.


Shattered Night, Shivering Stars (1997). Orchestra. Commissioned by the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

Music For Heaven and Earth (1990). Orchestra. Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony.


The Ringing Earth (1986). Orchestra. Commissioned by Expo ʼ86.

The Eternal Earth (1986). Orchestra. Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony.

Music For A Celebration (1985). Orchestra. Commissioned by Orchestra London.


Songs of Paradise (1984). Orchestra. Commissioned by the Thunder Bay Symphony.

O Magnum Mysterium: In Memoriam Glenn Gould (1984). 44 divisi strings. Commissioned by the Faculty of Music, McGill University.

O Magnum Mysterium: In Memoriam Glenn Gould (1984). 34 divisi strings. Re-orchestrated by John Rea in 1999. Orchestration commissioned by The National Ballet of Canada for choreographer Dominique Dumaisʼ one hundred words for snow.

Orchestral Works with Soloist(s) 

Pursuit (2008-2009). Concerto for string quartet and orchestra.  Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the Tokyo String Quartet and the Toronto Symphony. 

Bringing The Tiger Down From The Mountain II (2004). Arrangement for cello and orchestra.  Commissioned by The National Arts Centre Orchestra. 

Arc (1992). Violin and orchestra. Commissioned by the Kelowna Music Festival. 

Thunder Gate (1990). Violin and orchestra.  Commissioned by the 1990 Montreal International Violin Competition. 

Concerto For Piano and Orchestra (1984). Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 

Large Ensemble

A Curious Passerby At Fu's Funeral (2015). For 15 performers: flute, oboe, clarinet, x bass clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, harp, piano, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass.Commissioned by Turning Point Ensemble.

Take the Dog Sled (2008). For two live Inuit throat singers and seven musicians. Commissioned by The Montreal Symphony for its 2008 tour on Nunavik and performances in Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier March 23 and 24, 2008, Montreal. 

Imaginary Opera (2004). For 12 performers. Commissioned by Societé de Musique Contemporain du Québec (SMCQ) and Radio France. 

Touch The Sky (1997). For 6 performers. Commissioned by New Works Calgary. 

Nightfall (1997). For 14 divisi strings. Commissioned by the Algoma Festival.

Ricochet (1992). Chamber concerto for trombone and 6 performers. Commissioned by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.

Winter Music (1989). Chamber concerto for viola and 11 performers. Commissioned by Vancouver New Music. 

Three Fanfares from The Ringing Earth (1986). For brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Commissioned by Expo ʼ86.


Demon Gate (1987). For large chamber ensemble. Commissioned by Les Evenments du Neuf.

Music For A Thousand Autumns (1983). For large chamber ensemble. Commissioned by SMCQ. 

Chamber Ensemble

Falling Through Time (2016). Piano and string quartet.

Altitude (2014). Piccolo and piano. Commissioned by Jan Junker. 

Beyond Time (2014). Violin and piano. Commissioned by James Ehnes. 

Pond Mirrors Bright Sky / Wild Horse Running (2013). Cello and piano. This set was commissioned by Cheng2 Duo.

Cadenzas for Harp and Percussion (2012 - 2013). Harp and percussion. Commissioned by Ryan Scott and Sanya Eng.

Filigree (2012). Oboe and piano.  Private commission from John Stanley.

Echoes of Time (2011). Clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.  Commissioned by The Gryphon Trio. 

The Raven (2009). String quartet, harp, and narrator.  Commissioned by Luminato Festival of the Arts and The Ottawa Chamber Music Festival. 

Fanfare Z (2006). Brass quintet.  Commissioned by Soundstreams Canada for the Stockholm Brass. 

String Quartet #2 (2003). Commissioned by the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

Gouldberg Fanfare #1 (1999). Two trumpets and two French horns. Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  

Gouldberg Fanfare #2 (1999). Two trumpets and two French horns. Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Neon (1995). Clarinet, cello, and piano. Commissioned by Amici.

Denouement (1994). String quartet. Commissioned by Vancouver Recital Society. 

Bringing the Tiger Down From the Mountain II (1991). Cello and piano. Commissioned by the Canadian Music Competitions.

Music From Nightʼs Edge (1988). Piano quintet. Commissioned by the Orford String Quartet. 

Cadenzas (1985). Clarinet and percussion. Commissioned by Robert W. Stevenson.

Riffs (1985). Clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. Commissioned by Chinook Winds.

Refuge (1981). For accordion, harp, and vibraphone. Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Afterimages (1981). Two pianos. 


Fastforward (2008). Piano solo. Commissioned by The 2008 Montreal Piano Competition as the test piece for the quarter finalists. 

In A Flash (2006). Piano solo. Commissioned by The Vancouver Womenʼs Musical Society in celebration of their 100th Anniversary. 

Put On Your Running Shoes (2003). Piano solo. Commissioned by the Esther Honens International Piano Competition for laureate Katherine Chi.

Starstruck (1996). Piano solo. Commissioned by the Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition.

Touch (1996). Piano solo. Commissioned by The Esther Honens International Piano Competition.

Star Light, Star Bright (1995). Piano solo. Commssioned by Frederick Harris Music. 

I Leap Through The Sky With Stars (1991). Piano solo. Commissioned by the Canadian Music Competitions.


From The Eastern Gate (1985). Harp solo. Commissioned by Erica Goodman.

Scenes From A Jade Terrace (1988). Piano solo. Commissioned by Jon Kimura Parker 

Star-filled Night (1987). Piano solo. Commissioned by Christina Petrowska. 

Earth Cycles (1987). Accordion with pre-recorded accordion and percussion. Commissioned by Joseph Macerollo.

Music For Piano (1982). Piano solo.  


Mulroney: The Opera (2007-2011). Librettist Dan Redican, director Larry Weinstein.  A 75-minute comic opera film (political satire) produced by Rhombus Media.  Premiere: April 16, 2011 Cineplex Theatres.  This is the first event outside the Cineplex Theatreʼs prestigious HD Live At The Met Opera Broadcasts to be marketed as such.

The Scarlet Princess (1996-2002). Librettist David Henry Hwang.  A two-hour main stage opera in 2 acts, soloists, chorus, and full orchestra. Commissioned by The Canadian Opera Company. 

Burnt Toast (2004). Librettist Dan Redican, director Larry Weinstein. A one-hour made-for-TV comic opera. Produced by Rhombus Media and Marblemedia. Eight segments:

  • Nothing Happens In The Park 
  • Traffic Jammed
  • The Perfect Moment
  • Forever And Ever 
  • Choo Choo And You Too 
  • The Argument 
  • Justifiable Homicide 
  • Iʼm Sooo Over You 


Toothpaste (1995). Librettist Dan Redican, director Larry Weinstein, in collaboration with Marblemedia. Made-for-TV mini-opera, soprano, baritone, and chamber orchestra.


Bringing The Tiger Down From The Mountain II (2009). Choreographer Matjash Mrowzewski. Commissioned by the National Arts Centre for their 50th Anniversary Gala.


Wolfʼs Court (2005-2007). Choreographer Matjash Mrowzewski. A thirty-minute ballet score. Commissioned by The National Ballet of Canada. 

one hundred words for snow (2003)Choreographer Dominique Dumais. Set to Louieʼs O Magnum Mysterium: In Memoriam Glenn Gould


Berceuse (2008). Arranged for soprano and piano. From Louie's full-length opera, The Scarlet Princess.

Songs of Enchantment (1987). Soprano and string quartet. Commissioned by Presentation House Gallery,  North Vancouver. 


Love Songs For a Small Planet (1994) Chamber choir, harp, percussion, and string orchestra. Arrangement commissioned byEsprit Orchestra.

Love Songs for a Small Planet (1989). Chamber choir, harp, and percussion. Commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir. 


Gallery Fanfares, Interludes and Arias (1992). Orchestra (with baritone: arias). A one-hour celebration of the re-opening of the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1992. Commissioned by The Art Gallery of Ontario. 

  • Spark! 
  • Greeting Music 
  • Three Interludes.
    Arias: Obsessions (Their Own Words)
    I. Monet 

    II. Van Gogh
  • Reflections In A Crystal Atrium


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